Recycle Tires



  • Car and light-truck tires
  • Bicycle tires (must be in bundles of 10)
  • Motorcycle tires
  • Semi truck and trailer tires
  • Race car tires
  • Agricultural tires/Tractor tires (Under 4 feet in diameter and 1 foot wide)
  • Skid steer tires (no rims)

But NO

  • No Bicycle Inner Tubes
  • No Off-road tires
  • No Golf Tires with rims
  • No Forestry, Logging, or Mining tires
  • No Loader, or Earth-mover tires
  • No Heavy Equipment tires
  • No Airplane tires
  • No Tires over 10-ply
  • No Solid or gel filled tires
  • No Rubber Tracks of any kind
  • No Conveyor Belts


Tires are accepted at the Drop-off Center in the Bulky Materials Recycling area. If you have more than 20 tires, please call our office at 231-348-0640.


On-rim and off-rim are both fine.
Remove dirt, rocks, water, snow and ice from tires before bringing them to the Center.


Have your load checked by the Attendant before unloading.

  • Car and light truck tires $4 each.
  • Bicycle tires bundle of 10/$4
  • Agricultural tires (i.e. tractor tires) $25 each
  • Semi tires $11 each

Some particularly large or heavy tractor tires are not recyclable. Size is limited to 4 ft. in diameter and/or 12 in. in width