Downtown Petoskey Drop Site Move Update

Downtown Petoskey Recycling Drop Site
MOVE UPDATE: December 29, 2021


The Petoskey News-Review (PNR), which hosted the site, sold the building to Citizens Bank. The bank is renovating the building and parking lots and won't be hosting a site.

What's next?

We are in discussions with the City of Petoskey and with the owners of three possible new locations for the drop site. Nothing has firmed up yet, but this is a priority project for the new year.

In the meantime…

If you had been using the PNR site, we recommend that, until we can establish a new in-town drop-off site, you use these other nearby sites:

~ D&W Plaza (it's around the corner from the market, by the Bay View Coin Laundry)

~ Bear Creek Crossings (plaza with Lowe's) in the corner by Pet Supplies Plus.

Of course, curbside service is also available in the City of Petoskey as well as Bear Creek and Resort Townships. If you are not already using this service call or message our office--231-348-0640 or Businesses can call Lindsey Walker at 231-348-0648 for information about subscribing to the service.

Thank you for your understanding. We apologize for any inconvenience this move may cause you!

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